The One of Many

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Farren Hallston lives her life on the straight and narrow. As a senior graphic design artist at the behind-the-times Imperium Telecommunications, she finds her ambitious vision to bring the company into the twenty-first century is met with constant pushback from the higher-ups. 

With her Hollywood boyfriend on the up and up, making power moves she helped create, she decides dealing with her idea-stealing boss and a failing company stuck in the past is a comfortable and necessary evil. 

Until it all comes crashing down around her. 

Just one day sends Farren into a tailspin where she not only has to make a decision about her relationship, she now has to deal with a new CEO of Imperium. 

David Powers has every woman on the 9th floor drooling—but Farren isn’t fooled. She knows he’s just another pretty-boy, rich jerk who is the true definition of a man-whore that even ousted his own father to take over Imperium as a power grab. 

But she soon realizes things with David aren’t what they seem. 

David’s lineup of women fit perfectly into Farren’s narrative, but she finds there’s much more to his story than just being a playboy. His past, present, and future all ride on the man David hasn’t spoken to in years. The former CEO and David’s father, Samuel Powers. 

Family, secrets, and fear all play a part when two people try to come together. They must decide if it’s possible to find love when all they know is disappointment.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Infidelity, sick parent, death of a parent.